Legal Aid

Aura & Company offers its PRO-BONO, free of cost Legal Aid Services/Litigation Support to serve the Institution and public at large, who cannot afford to engage effective Law Firm/Counsel to represent themselves in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court. The segment would specifically include War Widows, Person with disabilities, Ex- Army Men , Senior Citizens and other lesser privilege individuals for legal support for regarding any case before the above Courts.

We are happy to inform that some of India’s most prominent senior counsels are associated with the firm who have shown their keen interest to offer such services to the firm for serving the institution and public at large.

Application form for Legal Aid

I undertake that if the legal services obtained by me on furnishing incorrect or false information or in a fraudulent manner, the legal services shall be stopped forthwith and the expenses incurred by the Legal Services Institutions shall be recovered from me.

To be Filled by Legal AID Counsel